Decisive and strategic planner with a mastery to examine current processes and develop long-term, uninterrupted progress. A critical thinker with an acute skill set of analytical ability to execute comprehensive solutions in order to create efficiency, eliminate redundancy, and reduce spending. Performance driven by measuring progress against expected results.  An individual with the reputation to establish trust, gain faith, and secure resolute support among others to achieve ongoing synergy, build healthy relationships, and develop a productive environment to service YOU with integrity, honesty, loyalty, respect, and exhaustive knowledge.


Jessica Horstman
Candidate for Rockford Township Assessor
Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker
Certified Illinois Assessing Officer

My name is Jessica Horstman.  

I am dedicated to making your voice heard.  I echo your concerns.  I know the process of taxation is wrong.  I am willing and able to make things right.  I understand the change you seek. 

I too despise unfair real estate assessments.  I hate the injustice of ignoring the Illinois Property Tax Code. I am concerned with "cowboy assessing" and renegade politicians with personal agendas.  

I am an Illinois Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker, a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer, and qualified not only by the Illinois Department of Revenue to hold office, but also qualified because of my experience within the Rockford Township Assessor's Office itself.

I am the immediate past Office Manager and acted as an interim Chief Deputy for the Assessor's office, as well as the immediate past personal assistant to Ken Crowley, the incumbent. That makes my perspective finely tuned and keenly focused to improve an office that is need of a fundamental change in the right direction.

In my 10+ years in the Rockford Township Assessor's office, I've had a front row seat to both the management and mismanagement of the office, as well as unethical practices of real estate valuation taxation. Enough is enough. 

You need an Assessor who stewards the budget and is wise with your tax dollars. You need an elected official able to put everything upfront and not embarrassed to do so. You need someone who can accurately forecast expenditures; a leader who knows how to educate and manage office staff; a strong character who cannot be manipulated.  Most importantly, a loyalist with integrity who applies the property tax code law fairly and uniformly... all the way across the board. Period. 

As cliche as it sounds, together, we are able to make a meaningful statement and send a clear message that elected officials ought to be held accountable not only to the Illinois Statute, but also to YOU.  

If you share the same vision and values, I urge you to partner with me to help make a bold change so that what is wrong, can be made right.

Since I've been in the Assessor's Office more than ten years, I can hit the ground running, there will be NO learning curve. I can start making things right immediately.




• Office Manager, Interim Chief Deputy Assessor, Freedom of Information Act Officer

• Directed the Assessor how to complete office projects on time and on budget

• HR Manager, Accounts Receivable, Supply Procurement, Data Quality Manager, and Public Relations

• Proficient Multitasker in roles of Taxpayer Ombudsman, Illinois Certified FOIA Officer, CAMA Coordinator, Record Management

• In-house IT Desktop Support
• Created professional logo, stationary, business cards
• Website content writer and manager, newsletter writer, and 2x website re-write chief manager

• Adept at desktop solutions, Microsoft Office Pro Plus, MS SQL Server Management Studio, Graphic and Digital/Web Design

• Expert in Real Estate Mass Appraisal, Illinois Sale Ratio Studies, Tax Rate Calculation (PTELL), and Illinois Property Tax Legislation



FKA Prudential Crosby/Prudential Crosby-Adelman/Ingrassia-Crosby/Bliss-Adelman

• Developed company Marketing Plan and eRealty program to expand market share and grow business

• Managed needs and resources through the roles of Web Administrator, eRealty Director, and IT Manager

• Educated new agents by creating and teaching interactive classroom training and writing syllabi as in-house Company Trainer

• Multitasked as Executive Assistant, Client Services, Assistant Records Manager, and New Agent Mentor

2007 - Present | SOLUTION REAL ESTATE, INC. | An Illinois Real Estate Referral and Holding Company

• Managing Broker, Owner, President

• Created all aspects of the Real Estate Referral and Holding Company as Sponsoring/Managing Broker

• Managed more than 80 independent contractors 

• Developed Company Policy Manual and Independent Contractor Agreements, and Illinois Corporation Documents

• Specialist in real estate transaction management, agent supervision, market analysis, and the real estate referral process

• Designed and implemented marketing plan, created professional logo, website, and all media


• Managed MLS Database Administration, Account Billing and Collection, New Member Orientation

• Assisted CEO, Orientation Coordinator, and Director of Member Records

• Enforced Association of REALTORS® Rules and Regulations, as well as MLS Rules and Policies 

• Software/Technical Support to 1,200 members for RAAR’s proprietary MLS


2004 – 2007     | REALTOR®
2004 – 2007     | Illinois Real Estate Salesperson
2007 – 2011     | Illinois Real Estate Broker
2005                 | Instructor Training Institute, Graduate
1989 – Present | Illinois Real Estate License Law
1989 – Present | 5 Multiple Listing Service Databases
2004 – Present | Winnebago County Bar Association Real Estate Forms
2004 – Present | Federal and State Real Estate Forms
2004 – Present | Valuation of Real Estate for the purpose of Buying and Selling
2005 – Present | Certified Career Developmental Specialist
2006 – Present | Illinois Freedom of Information Act
2006 – Present | Illinois Property Tax Code 
2006 – Present | Illinois Property Tax Exemptions
2006 – Present | Illinois Local Records Act
2006 – Present | Illinois Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL) 
2006 – Present | Valuation of Real Estate for the Purpose of Taxation 
2009 – Present | Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (CIAO) 
2010 – Present | Illinois Certified Freedom of Information Act Officer 
2011 – Present | 5 Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) Databases 
2011 – Present | Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker 


• Rockford has been my home since 1983
• Education: St. Peter's Montesorri, Fairview Elementary, Ledgewood Elementary, Jackson Elementary, Rockford Christian (2x), Brookview Elementary, Eisenhower Middle School, Guilford High School, Keith Country Day School, Rock Valley College, Eastern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Rockford University (formerly Rockford College)

• Married to my best friend Kevin 

• Mother of two boys and play the role of ring-master, referee, negotiator, and peace-maker

• Extreme interest in the Rockford region and measuring actions to improve the future of our area for the next generation
• Active volunteer to help local businesses and organizations to grow and sustain success
• Family roots consist of intelligent entrepreneurs and successful risk takers
• Interests: Neurochemistry, quantum biology, quantum physics, Hebrew/Greek biblical manuscripts, mystery novels


• Passionate about our community

• Fanatic about fiscal responsibility

• Taxpayer service and advocacy is key above all

• Believer in doing what is right and providing more value in my work than I receive in pay
• Doing what is right is not easy, but it is simple

• Those who say don’t rock the boat, don’t know how to swim
• I rather be respected than liked
• Service before self, Client before commission, Taxpayer before bureaucracy
• Live within your means

• Take care of your assets, and your assets will take care of you
• Plan, Organize, Lead, and Control (POLC)
• Know your strengths, opportunities, faults, and threats (SOFT)
• Every day do your best to do what is right
• Performance oriented, results driven
• Good sailors are not made in calm seas
• The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war
• Show me one problem, I’ll show you three solutions

• Personal Goal: In the 2017 Consolidated Election, to become the first woman
elected as Rockford Township Assessor and surpass taxpayer expectations
year after year, term after term